Patient Reviews – Video Testimony

Vasectomy Reversal Success Stories

What our patients have to say about their experience with world-renowned Dr. Emanuel Friedman of MWUrology- expert at vasectomy reversal.

Patient Reviews

Tim had a vasectomy many years ago performed by Dr. Friedman. When he and Hope got married and decided on having a child they contacted Dr. Friedman to inquire about the success rate for reversing Tim’s original vasectomy. Dr. Friedman discussed the procedure with Hope and Tim and they felt Tim was the proper candidate for such a procedure. With the expertise of Dr. Friedman they now have a beautiful young daughter, Daisy. Hope and Tim discuss their history, in this two minute video clip, and also praise Dr. Friedman and his staff as the most professional team to perform a reversal vasectomy. Daisy makes a guest appearance to the delight of her parents as they discuss the procedure.


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